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Let’s face it.  Life is hectic, and taking the time for yourself to settle down and heal can be challenging.  Summerhurst Healing Retreat specializes in private, full and half day healing packages, designed to maximize your healing and relaxation, away from your long list of duties and busy life schedule. 

The healing starts with the beautiful countryside drive to Summerhurst, followed by a private day of holistic services designed to let you relax and truly heal from within.  Just imagine… a private piece of country heaven… songbirds singing… and time standing still, just for you!  This is your time to truly let go.  This is your time to heal!


Catherine Whittaker, Owner / Operator, specializes in deep healing Energy Therapy Treatments and uses an intuitive mixture of reiki, cranial sacral therapy, reflexology, acupressure, massage and her own healing techniques within her treatments. Appointments at Summerhurst are scheduled for Half Day Healing Packages only where you get the 1-on-1 attention you deserve.


Summerhurst Healing Retreat caters especially to spiritually minded individuals who are sensitive to harsh energies, are continuously looking for ways to connect deeper on a spiritual level, enjoy opportunities for self-growth and realize that self-empowerment is the most effective way to heal on all levels.

In addition, Summerhurst is a safe place for those who feel drawn to Energy Healing but are not sure where to start and how it works. Catherine will give you a practical foundation and enjoyable first experience.

Finally, if you have been suffering with health conditions that you feel are not improving with tradional methods, and that you are open to receiving a different perspective, Catherine will be able to give you her own energetic assessment of what is happening within your body and what to do to address the cause of the issue. Although she does not have the answer to all health issues, Catherine is quickly and easily able to assess trends and energetic blockages within your body and is often able to help you release them within a few visits. Her specialty is upper body health "symptoms", such as racing heart, shallow breathing, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel symdrome, TMJ and all types of hand challenges.


In addition, Catherine Whittaker is the author of her first book released March 2012 called Becoming Your Dog's God: Mastering the Art of Pack Leader in No Time Flat. The main theme? Energy of course! The book describes how you can quickly and easily communicate with your dog through your energy. The book is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!


Located in West Gore, Nova Scotia, Summerhurst is only 30 minutes from Elmsdale, Windsor and Lower Sackville, and less than 1 hours drive from HRM, the Valley and Truro in beautiful East Hants County!

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Call today to discuss your individual needs so that a healing package can be catered with your goals in mind to kick start your healing journey, or book online and request a follow-up consultation! 

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